Your relationship is over but thoughts and emotions around your ex-partner constantly demand your attention.

Don't let them keep you stuck from moving on.

If right now you are:

Struggling to let go of things that happened or are still happening

Going back to feelings of longing for or missing your ex when you are lonely

Stuck on your ex-partner's behaviour, attitude, plans or agenda

Getting drawn into drama and conflict with your ex

Feeling anxious, frustrated or powerless about things out of your control

Let's start breaking these patterns by shifting your focus back onto YOU.

In 30 days I can help you:


What will I learn?

You will learn that the most effective way to start moving on is to take your focus away from what is out of your control and place it on the things you can control.

But most importantly you will learn how to shift your thinking.

Over 30 days you will build a toolkit of self-care strategies which focus your life back onto YOU.

Here's what you get!

30 Daily Video Tutorials

Each day during a short but helpful video, I talk you through a different process which gets you to focus on yourself.

Worksheet Support

You will get the results when you put the concepts into practise!

Downloadable PDF worksheets will support you to use the strategies.

Facebook Group

If you are on Facebook, you'll have the added feature of joining a dedicated private group.

Use it to stay accountable and share your progress with others on the programme!

Two Extra Videos Included!

My 5 day "Declutter To Feel Better" Challenge.

EFT (tapping) exercise I use with my 1:1 coaching clients.

How will it help me?

Stop Focusing On Your Ex isn't just about distraction from your thoughts.

Fixating on the things you can't change simply sends you spiraling into anxiety, frustration or a feeling of helplessness around your situation. The steps in this programme are designed to help you alleviate these feelings in positive, empowered ways.

Below is just a small sample of how you will be supported to make those changes over 30 days!

Your Sphere Of Influence

You will learn to put your focus on the things you can control, instead of those you can't


Learn why decluttering can be healing and how to do it

Goal Setting

Start to put your focus on the future and learn to set goal in a constructive way

The Power Of Words

Use these strategies to help you focus on what you want from life

The Right Support

Not all support is good after a break-up. Learn where to reach out

Create A Gratitude Habit

Learn how this simple but powerful tool increases your break-up well-being


How to break bad habits

Getting out of your comfort zone

The importance of boundaries

Creating positive new routines

And lots more....!

Why Learn From Me?

Hi, I'm Marissa Walter, creator of Break Up and Shine

I am passionate about supporting you to move through this painful stressful time, to live your best life!

I'm a qualified counsellor specialising in relationship issues with individuals and couples. I am also a divorce coach, supporting people to heal and shift their perspective on their break-up through 6 week coaching programme, The Moving On Mindset.

Since 2011, following my divorce I have been writing on the subject of transformation after break -up on my blog. I've also been published on Tiny Buddha, Thrive Global, The Counselling Directory, and published my own book, Break Up and Shine in 2017.

I run free online support for people just like you who are looking to move on from the pain of divorce into a happier more meaningful life.

Why do I do what I do? Because my divorce became my catalyst for a better life and I deeply care about helping you to succeed too.

Here's what people have said about Break Up and Shine!

Are you ready to...

Stop Focusing On Your Ex 30 Day programme is £75.00

You'll Receive Instant Access To:

30+ Video Lessons To Transform Your Thinking

Downloadable Worksheets

Facebook Support Group

Lifetime Access To Programme

All for £75 - Sign Up Now!


STOP Focusing On Your Ex! 30 Days Of Powerful Self Care To Shift Your Divorce Thinking Back To You

30 Days of self-care strategies to shift your break-up or divorce thinking back to you.

The programme consists of:

30 daily videos introducing you do a new process to focus on yourself

Downloadable PDF worksheets

Bonus video series "Declutter to Feel Better"

Bonus E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping) video

Facebook group for encouragement and support

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